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Give a gift, receive a tax benefit.

About Giving Stock

It is very easy to transfer stocks as a gift to Meals on Wheels San Diego County. The IRS allows you to make a transfer of appreciated stock to a non-profit organization without recognizing capital gains on the appreciation. You must use publicly-traded stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares and you must have held these for more than one year. This allows you to not only make a gift to Meals on Wheels, but receive an additional tax benefit. In essence, you can make a larger donation than you could make with cash and receive a larger tax benefit.

What to do

Benefits to You

A gift of appreciated securities may be right for you if:

Stock and wire transfer instructions

Gift of appreciated stock:
A/C 6731033100
DTC 2803
Agents Bank ID 26645

Domestic Wire Transfer:
Recipient Institution: Union Bank
ABA#: 122000496
Account Name: Business Extra Checking
Account#: 0041143322
Address: North Park 0604, PO Box 512380, Los Angeles, CA 90051-0380


Please check with your tax advisor and plan ahead when selling or transferring ownership of stocks and/or mutual fund shares. Timing is critical to ensure you receive tax credits as intended. Sale date, transfer date, post marked date (if mailed via U.S. Postal Service), or date of receipt by Meals on Wheels San Diego County, (if shipped) may affect year of credit eligibility. Mutual funds are valued at the “net asset value.”

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Give a gift, receive a tax benefit.

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