Create your own fundraiser

Become a fundraiser and share our mission with your friends. Just $50 helps provide meals for a week for seniors!

What is peer-to-peer fundraising?

P2P fundraising allows you to create your own campaign to share with friends, family, coworkers – anyone you want to support our cause! With a personal campaign page you can set fundraising goals, share on social media, and keep track of your fundraiser’s progress and supporters.

You can even customize your own personal message about what Meals on Wheels means to you. Consider a P2P fundraising campaign for your next birthday or office holiday party!

Did you know?

If you set up a “Facebook fundraiser” through Facebook, we won’t get notified of donations on your behalf. Facebook handles the entire process independently, and they don’t share the donor information or notify the beneficiary organization directly. 

To ensure that we can accurately track the donations made in your name, we recommend using our official fundraising channel platform by clicking the Get Started button below. Once you have set up your fundraiser, you can share it on your Facebook page.