After reading the following steps, please finish and submit your volunteer application before going to the LiveScan office.

Step 1

Pay a one-time $10 background check fee. This helps to offset the
full cost of the background check to Meals on Wheels.
This fee is non-refundable.

Step 2

Please fill out only the “Applicant Information” section of the first page of the LiveScan form and take it with you to one of our partner LiveScan offices. You will need to visit their office in-person after you submit the volunteer application. Please keep pages 2-4 for your records.

Step 3

Please complete your LiveScan at one of our partner LiveScan offices. After your visit, the office will then send us the results. Please note we ONLY accept LiveScans from these locations. We cannot accept LiveScans from other locations. Once you have been cleared, we will contact you via email or phone to move forward with your application. It may take several days for your background check to clear. 

What’s Next? 

A member of our staff will contact you once your application has been processed and your background check has cleared. In the meantime, please watch the training video to prepare for your first route if you are applying to be a delivery volunteer.

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